Sound Vibration Private Therapy

Sound & Vibration to restablish the balance and harmony of the physical, mental and emotional bodies

Sound Vibration Therapy is based on the principle of “sympathetic resonance” where the vibration/frequency of the sound played by specific instruments like the Tibetan bowls and the Tuning Forks together with a clear intention, are able to raise the vibration/frequency of the energy field and physical body.

The vibration acts directly over the energy field (Meridians and Chakras) bringing it to a harmonize state, allowing the healing to happen (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual).

Sound healing therapy benefits:

- Relief from stress, anxiety and depression;

- Reduces any physical pain or trauma;

- Improve focus and concentration;

- Balance both brain hemispheres (analytical/rational with intuitive/creative); - Relax the nervous system;

- Harmonize the metabolism, blood circulation, immunologic and digestive system;

- Dissolves energy blockages and increase energy levels; - Improve the self esteem and well being;

- Stimulate the cellular renovation;

- Stimulate a natural state of happiness;

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