Yoga Private Classes

Hatha Yoga Classes for all levels connecting the mind, body and soul

All classes are tailor made based on the needs, from begginers to more advanced students

It is a special hatha yoga class that encourages a proper breathing (pranayama tecniques), flexibility, strenght and vitalily in the body while calming and connecting the mind during each of the asanas (physical postures).

The asanas follow an specific sequence bringing a systematic movement of every major part of the body in a balanced way that stimulates the whole endocrine system and functions of the physical body, while enhancing the flow of prana or life force energy, allowing a full energetic cleanse of the body, mind and emotions.

The most important aspect of the class is to focus the mind and breath while doing postures, in order to get the full benefit of the practice (physical, mental and spiritual)

At the end of the class you will be guided in a full relaxation in Savasana, bringing your whole body & mind system to a state of harmony and awareness.

Special programs can be offered including the philosophy of Yoga, like the Yoga Sutras and Vedanta and the science behind the physical practice.

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