Yoga Energy Flow & Sound Healing Journey

A gentle yoga pratice to open the energy chanells follow by a Sound Healing Journey

The initial part is a Gentle Yoga Energy flow suitable for all, doing basic and profound physical postures designed to release a proper energy flow within the body while focusing on your breath and connecting your mind to the practice, what will allow you to a deeper perception of the sensations of the body, of your energy and of the flow of thoughts. 

The focus is to make the energy flow from your foot up to your head (from the lower chakras to upper chakras) cleansing and releasing all the energy channels of the body. 

After the gentle yoga, you will be ready for the Sound Healing Journey receiving a deep cleansing, relaxing and harmonizing flow of sounds from many different instruments like the Ancient Tibetan singing bowls, shamanic drum, ocean drum, native American flute, maracas, tongue drum, rain stick, chimes, monochord, voice and much more, what will take you into a full body and mind relaxation, allowing yourself to release deeper emotions and the healing to happen, creating more balance and awareness to your whole being. 

Benefits you will get: 

- Relief from stress, anxiety and depression;

- Reduces any physical pain or trauma;

- Improve focus and concentration;

- Balance both brain hemispheres (analytical/rational with intuitive/creative); - Relax the nervous system;

- Harmonize the metabolism, blood circulation, immunologic and digestive system;

- Dissolves energy blockages and increase energy levels; - Open the intuition and higher connection for decision making;

- Improve the self esteem and well being;

- Stimulate the cellular renovation;

- Stimulate a natural state of happiness;

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