Sound Vibration Group Session

A profound journey of relaxing and healing sounds and vibrations

In the initial steps the group will be guided into understaning the basics of vibration, frequencies, energy and how they can affect our selves physically, mentally, emotionaly and spiritually. Then we initiate a special guided meditation to slow down the mind, brain waves and the group will experience special sounds with different vibrations with a blend of many special instruments from different traditions like the Tibetan Singing Bowls and monochord to the shamanic and ocean drums. The variety of sounds and vibrations will gradually take the group in a complete mind relaxation, relaxing the nervous system and physical body, driving us beyond the rational/analytical mind and to deeply connect with our intuition, feelings and emotions in our subconscious mind and subtle bodies. At this stage we can get rid of many emotional, mental and physical blockages.

You can bring an specific intention into the practice to allow you to receive a guidance and to let go of anything that is affecting you in your life. Our experience is showing us how the sound and its different vibration can be powerful, working in many layer of our being as long as we open our hearts and allow it to flow and we will be able to receive the right guidance, vision and healing.

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