Energy Healing Therapy

Energy healing works on re-stablishing the harmony health from the energy field to the physical body

Based on the experience with plenty healing modalities like Reiki, Pranic Healing, Theta Healing and Chinese Energetic, we offer a special Energy healing therapy, using the vital energy life force called Prana or Chi, subtle energy that surround us and flows within all living beings through the nadis or meridians and chakras. 

By using the hand imposition and mental connection, the energy nourishes the subtle bodies (emotional, mental and spiritual) and physical body, stimulating all the molecules, cells and organs in the body to re-establish a natural proper body functioning, health and harmony. 


- Promotes physical and mental relaxation;

- Reduces stress, anxiety and depression;

- Dissolves energy blockages that affect the physical body;

- Increase energy levels;

- Accelerates the body’s self-healing ability;

- Relief from physical pain, fatigue or trauma;

- Improves health and well being state;

- Enables emotional clarity and spiritual growth;

- Chackras and aura cleansing;

- Promotes positive thinking by relaxing the mind; 

We emphasize during the treatment the importance of how our emotions and thoughts are key into our state of being, promoting health by being positive and a state of disease by being constantly negative, adding to it, the best nutrition and physical activities as vital into our life.

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