February 8, 2018

Awakening minduflness workshops

Tailor made workshops based on the company needs introducing many aspects of mindful practicies to be aplied in the day to day activities

Our aim is to bring awareness, knowledge and empowerment to the corporate environment in how to deal with stress and anxiety in order to create a better workplace environment, by introducing a programm of activities that will lead the teams for a better performance, gainging focus, more presence and to improve the decision making ability.

The programs involves bringing awareness and the knowledge of how our mind-body works and how we are affected by our emotions and thinking patters. Then to bring practices that will promote the change of the mental and emotional patterns that are not working well and empowering the team through several practices using meditation, breathing, sound vibration and yoga. 

Self-awareness is key into gaining control over our thoughts and emotions in order to create harmony individually, then among the team and the corporate activities.