Embrace the divine - Sound Healing Journey

Awakening Prema

Embrace the divine will be a magic sound healing journey.

Our aim is to guide you to connect to your divine self, beyond the physical senses, beyond your regular thought and emotions, away from the stress and anxiety of the day to day life. 

Allowing yourself to connect with your heart, inner wisdom and guidance.When we move away from this tensions we allow our natural state of happiness, joy, harmony and bliss to flow to our physical, mental and emotional bodies. That's the moment when the healing can happen. 

You will receive the special sounds from the Tibetan bowls, Gong, monochord, ocean drums our voice, the joyful beats of the hand pan and much more. 

Sound Healing Meditation is based on the principle of “sympathetic resonance” where the vibration/frequency of the harmonic sounds played by several specific instruments naturally brings everything in the surrounding to the same state of harmony, what we call raising the vibration and that means bringing the physical body, mind and emotions into a state of stability, harmony and health.

Natural benefits from this journey:

- Relief from stress, anxiety and physical pain;

- Improve focus and concentration;

- Relax the nervous system;

- Harmonize the metabolism, blood circulation and immunologic system;

- Improve the self esteem and well being;

- Stimulate the cellular renovation;

- Stimulate a natural state of happiness;

- Chakra and aura balancing and cleaning (and corresponding organs and glands)

When: Tuesday 14th 

Time: 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Where: Awakening Prema JLT

Price: 150aed

Limited spots available

Booking has to be confirmed by the google form link below and we will confirm the address details



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