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Awakening Prema

Our mission is to bring a deeper awareness about ourselves, awakening to the reality beyond the mind/thoughts, awakening to love, our true nature.

Our aim is to provide services (workshops, therapies and retreats), to share ideas and experiences through Mindful Practices, Yoga, Meditation, Sound and Energy Healing in order to create a truly fulfilling, balanced, happy and healthy life. Yoga itself, has the physical practice just as one of the steps for self realization, for the awakening of our consciousness. The key in yoga is to connect the physical practice (Asanas) with a deep breath and with the focus of the mind in order to bring all the energetic and healing benefits of the practice. This is just the tip of the iceberg of how vast and deep the real Yogic practice can be. Everything in World and the Universe is energy, including our physical body with every organ, tissue, muscle, cells, molecule, particle and atom that are in constant vibration with an energy frequency as proven by physics. In a nutshell, disease simple is a blockage of energy flow within the body and health is a free flow of energy within the body (physical, emotional, mental and spititual) Today, more than 90% of the diseases are coming from stress, from the way we think, feel and react to anything in our lives The Sound has a tremendous power to influence ourselves and already become one of the most effective tools not only to reduce stress, anxiety, fears and doubts while creating a well being state, but to help people on the healing process of cancers and many other diseases.

Ana & Renato

Renato Koch

A passionate about our mind, body and energy connection and how to use this understanding to empower people to live and to create a fulfilling life

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Ana Palma

"Rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the
soul." This quote from Plato resonates deeply with Ana who has been a
lifelong Music and Art lover. It was through Music and Sound that she was
introduced to the Indian Culture, to Kirtan, Yoga and Sound Therapy as a means
to be more connected to her propose in life and
reconnect as spirit, light,
energy, vibration, and love. 


Ana is a Certified Advanced Sound Therapist, and she is grateful for the
direct teachings of The Association of Sound Therapy, Harmonic Sounds in Spain
for the deep teachings and loving guidance and for the Satyam Shiva Sundaram
Meditation School in India where she has studied Sound Healing through Tibetan
Bowls. She travelled to attend many seminars and workshops in how to use our
mind to heal ourselves with Dr. Joe Dispenza, Mooji and SadGuru Satsangs and
much more.


Ana has been developing many Sound Healing Sessions and Sound Therapies with
her partner in countless places in Dubai, Europe and South America in order to
present and share their love through their project: Awakening Prema – Yoga,
Sound and Energy Healing.  She dedicates
her life to helping others find the same transformation of mind, body and soul
that she witnessed in her life. She believes that the connection between the
healthy body and mind allows us to consciously cultivate more positive emotions
as gratitude, appreciation, compassion, love and forgiveness and open the door
to endless possibilities of expansion.


As an Art lover Ana is also an Architect, and she considers architecture
another way which she can communicate through the spaces physically and
energetically, to be in harmony and to feel part of something bigger,
free, creative and natural. It is another way to build and support our well-being
and let that reflect on our human relationships, it has to do with the feelings
and thoughts that dominate our day-to-day life, with the sensitivity and affection,
deposited there. It has to do with your soul, your body, your home.


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With a vast experience in the corporate environment as Regional and Country Sales Manager dealing with different cultures world wide and the day to day stress of a big corporation for more than 15 years and by spending the same period with personal experience in participating in several energy healing and spiritual groups, and studies about the ancient spiritual philosophies and the science behind our mind, body and soul, gave him a broader view about our purpose of life and how the self knowledge, the control of our mind and emotions, plus the cultivation of noble virtues like compassion, love, gratitude and forgiveness are key to create healthy life in all aspects (physical, mental and emotional)
With more than 10 years of experience in Yoga, Renato takes it to a deeper level beyond the physical body in order to reach self awareness and deeper understanding about ourselves by not only keeping our physical body healthy, but by creating a deeper connection to our mind, thoughts and by cleansing our energetic, emotional and mental bodies while doing the physical postures. The base of his studies and practice are the Bihar School of Yoga and the Sivananda Yoga, in which Renato completed the 200hs TTC at Sivananda Yoga Vidya Petham in Varkala – India. His aim is aligned with the essence of yoga that is to reach self realization and to develop a conscious way of living, more responsible towards others, the environment and by living life in a very positive way. The experience goes beyond Yoga, by having experience in astral projection and many different energy healing modalities like Reiki, Pranic Healing, Theta healing, Chinese Energetics and the study of Sound healing through Tibetan Bowls in India and overtones with broader Sound healing experience with Harmonic Sounds in Spain and several workshops and self study about Neuroscience, Epigenetics with a clear understanding of the body, mind and energy connection.